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Shahid,Deepika & Hrithik - Everything

Aufrufe: 5 Hinzugefügt von: Deepika Deepika 
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Collab with the talented Ewelina! did Hrithik & Deepika,I did Shahid & Deepika. ;)We both love Deepika so much,so I asked her if she wanted to do a Deepika collab with me! :) We decided to do a couples collab,she wanted to vid Hrithik & Deepika,and as some of you may know I'm a huge Shahid & Deepika shipper,so I chose them. :)Just FYI this video is solely manips,just thought I should throw that in there,Deepika hasn't unfortunately worked with either of these HOT actors. ;) I really wish she will in the near future though,don't you just think they would burn up the screen? sigh Someone needs to cast her opposite one of these men.Also I'm wondering which one do you like Deepika more with? Shahid or Hrithik,I'd really love to hear your opinion! :D As much as I love Hrithik,Shahid has been one of my favorite actors for so long,so I can't help but be a little biased towards him,so it's Shahid/Deepika all the way for me. Also before I forget to add I just love Ewelina's parts,don't you just love her manips? She's so talented,if you haven't subscribed to her yet,I highly recommend it,she's one of my favorite editors,her editing style is beautiful! Info:Song: Everything By Michael Buble (+Pitch)Coloring: by meEditing: 3bit89 (Hrithik&Deepika) & xxsweetaddiexx (Shahid&Deepika)P.S. shoutout to these birthday people:EndlessTrilogie,Naheed08,TheMeliCrazyy & xxBollywoodLuverxx.I saw birthday videos for you in my subscription box & I unfortunately didn't know when your birthdays are so I couldn't make you guys a video,but I thought you at least deserve a shoutout.Hope you all had a great birthday,you are all talented editors. :)----Also credit for manip @0:57 goes to xxBollywoodLuverxx.

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