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★ Deepika P. & Priyanka C. // Maniac ★

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this is a collab i've done with my dear friend sheila.go and subscribe her if you haven't yet,she's really talented!● decided to make a bollywood collab,because weboth are obsessed with bollywood movies,this wasdefinitely a lot of fun to make,but my part was kindof a pain in the ass,because SV would constantlycrash on me and i had to remake my part a HUNDREDtimes and guess what? it still looks awful.sheila's part makes up for it though.oh,by the way the reason why we chose to vidpriyanka and deepika is,we both love these two girls.actually they're my two favorite bollywood actresses.i think they're both gorgeous and super talented.there's one thing i wonder though,which one do you prefer? :)also the clip @0:47 is a manip,it was actuallya different picture in the frame.just wanted to let you know.i worked my ASS off to make it look real,it was quite a challenge.►DEDICATIONS:PreityGirl92 and TheMelicrazyy,because one of themis a deepika FREAK and one of them is a priyanka FREAK,now its up to you to guess who's who. ;)OH and also xMileyFeverx she's a deepika AND apriyanka freak. x]●SONG:maniac by girlicious

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