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Beera & Ragini (Raavan) || Safe & Sound [AU story]

Aufrufe: 10 Hinzugefügt von: Deepika Deepika 
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▪PLEASE READ THIS FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING THE STORY▪I wanted to create my own story, actually love story of Raavan movie. I think generally my story is simple. ► BLACK AND WHITE: Past before Beera's living► PALE COLORS: Time after Beera's living► PALE COLORS WITH BLUR: Ragini dreaming about time with Beera► VIVID COLORS: Present time after Beera's come backBeera and Ragini argued, so he left her. She can't live without him but she is upset as well. He decided to come back but she don't want to talk with him. Someday Beera save Ragini live and tell her what he feel. She understand his feelings and tell him the same. Then happily ever after :) Tell me what you think about this, but hope you will enjoy!▪VOICEOVERS:Delhi-6GuzaarishKabhi Alvida Naa KehnaRaavanUmrao Jaan▪RAIN EFFECT:▪SONG:Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift (cover by Megan Nicole and Tiffany Alvord)▪BACK-UP ACCOUNT:▪INTERNATIONAL CHANNEL:

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