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mere saawariya. ♠

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PLEASE READ! and pick "HD"i wanted to do this vid from such a looooong time! and finally i did it! ;) now when i'm waching this i think that i could add more flash effects and something like this, but i really wanted to finish it and upload here for you guys. i was waiting about 40 minutes to rendering this vid and i don't think that i could do this again. so sorry about deficiency of effects but though that i hope you like it! please if you don't like bollywood then don't wach this. i did a really hard work so don't dislike it. have respect to my work, please. It's propably my best vid ever! And i'm proud of this through all mistakes and defects. I love Saawariya so much so mayby this is the reason why i like this vid too! I made this video not only for me and you, but for my didi, Chutki, i think that she was knew that someday i will do this vid and today is THAT DAY. awwww. Yaha tumhare liye Chutiki! :)Lyrisc: Sakina: Hay Alallah, i love him so much! Raj: I love her!Sakina: It's mean that he is back! Raj: You silly man,don't bother returning...Sakina: Hay Allah, how sweat you talk! *Sakina's laugh*Raj: Will you marry me?Sakina: He will never forgive me.Raj: And wish this rain hadn't stopped... so we could stay under this umbrella forever*Raj and Sakina laugh*Gulabji: I'm trulove and he is a loverRaj: Do you understand? I guess not! Gulabji: He will come for sure. Raj: Would be better if i'll waiting for the moon than for you.Sakina: I will be never talk to you!Gubalbji: What? Impossible?Sakina: What are you doing? * Gulabji laugh *Sakina: Them who are walkin with love will be never touch by darkness. Gulabji saying : They say if you find true love, God has been generous to you.Raj: I love her! Raj: Sakina.. Sakina: Forgive me..forgive me..forgive me..Gulabji: What is goin, Saawariya? How is that possible? Gulabji saying II : and if you don't he has become one with youRaj: I will not go. Gulabji: But i have to go!Sakina: I need to go. Raj: Will we meet again tomorrow night?Sakina: Forgive me..thanks for watching and reading (if you realy did it!:) write a comment! love, Adrianna.

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