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Sidharth. M & Deepika. P//Red (for Addie)

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Please excuse the shitty quality :/HEY EVERYONE! Guess who's still alive :D It's been forever since I've uploaded something :) So how're y'all? I've had a pretty hectic life with school (which I should be focusing on now- but hey- It's perfectly fine to procrastinate on the most important year of my schooling life). And yes, a lot has happened so it's hard to summarise :)On to the video- as you can tell all my video editing skill has completely disappeared. I actually have no idea what the hell this video is (other then a failed attempt at crackshipping and manipping). So forgive me- I'm a bit rusty ok ;)But as usual comment and rate and whatever- tell me what you think of it :DCREDIT FOR SOME MANIPS: MRSEMRAAN and xxsweetaddiexxAt the moment Sid and Deepika is my OTP (as you can tell by my icon)- they would look so bloody good together in a movie. Perfect equation of hotness. I will go down with this ship! And I blame Addie (whom I dedicate this video to). Check out her tumblr ( and her fanfic 'Lovestruck'- both of which are as flawless as her videos (and we all know how flawless they are)To Addie.You, my dear child, are the reason why I'm obsessed with this couple. Seriously, I get so inspired by your creativity. Everything that you make is flawless. WHY CAN'T I HAVE YOUR TALENT?!!! hehe :D I love all your videos and edits and THAT FANFIC (which never fails to give me the OTP feels). I love you because you're one of the sweetest people I've ever met on here :D So I thought I'd make you a shitty arse video in an effort to show you how much I love you (epic fail right?) Just thanks for being flawless, and I hope you sorta like this :) lots of love, Catherine xx ^_^

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