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shahid + priyanka - ich kenne nichts das so schön ist wie du..

Aufrufe: 26 Hinzugefügt von: Deepika Deepika 
Beschreibung des Videos:

this is something diffrent, because I used a german song. I absolutely love Xavier Naidoo and his songs. I think that he is the best german singer. The lyrics ist just awesome !!Lyrics (english): I could talk about you for daysWithout mentioning your name not even onceUnder pain or among tearsYour name is my alleviationEach one of your movements are desirableAnd each moment with you is worth living.Nothing compares with the things that you give With those you show us how you live, how you love.I've never seen I've never seenSomething as beautiful as you...Beatiful days with you are preciousSo precious as the way to the morning starI celebrate them like a feast,Where i always something new from you learn.At the moment, knowing you, is the most beautiful thingKnowing you is the best thing that i have.Forgive me, but i say this again:Mentioning your name is the most beautiful thing that i say.I've never seenI've never seenSomething as beautiful as you...

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